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Digital Music: My Demo Tracks by #Graphene

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

I am a digital music composer enthusiast. So, let me share with you my original demo tracks.

Graphene qubits

#Graphene - Abort (Original Demo)

For all tracks I used Fruity Loops (FL Studio). For this one specifically, I used an interesting speech from NASA audio collection (

Click play to here it!

#Graphene - Cognitive Dissonance [Original Demo]

I think it's very important to promote "critical thinking" or "thinking out of the box". A way to do so is using cognitive dissonance. Based on this idea, I named this track cognitive dissonance.

Listen it to know why!

#Graphene - Qubeats [Original Demo]

Disruptive materials and technologies such as graphene and quantum computing will change our world in a dramatic way. Based on it, I decided to pick up the nickname #Graphene and I named this track Qubeats in honor of the new era of quantum computing.

Play to listen!

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